Calatayud OGV Old Vine Garnach


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  • Unit Size : 750
  • Unit Type : ml
  • Region : N/A
  • Varital : Granacha
  • Country : Spain
  • Vintage : 2015


OGV, or Old Garnacha Vines comes from the oldest winery within the Calatayud region from which it hails. Calatayud is known for high altitudes of 2,600 to 3,000 feet, extreme weather conditions, and lots of different soils and terroirs, up to 20 distinct types. Located in northeastern Spain between Madrid and Barcelona, Garnacha thrives here, and in fact may actually have originally been from the region. 

Subtle and elegant, quite harmonious and balanced, offering more balsamic notes with time in the glass. The palate revealed juicy fruit and clean flavors with an earthy touch that makes it very tasty.