Buns-N-Bourbon is the “Part 2” of our Peekskill Riverfront property. We now have the best of both worlds under 1 roof. Part 1 with Tacos, Margaritas, Tequila, Craft beers, lots of sunshine & kid-friendly patio at the Taco Dive Bar has satisfied a certain niche. Part 2 is the adult section right next door called Buns-N-Bourbon, which is the politically incorrect, not so kid friendly bar with the largest number of brown spirits on the wall of any joint East of the Rockies…150 and counting!
We have 29 feet of good old (Beachak made) 100+ year Vermont barn timber bar with hi-tops floating on the opposite wall, and serve the tastiest chargrilled burgers, gourmet dogs & kickass fried apps on the river. We boast American brown spirits and canned beers from almost 50 states, and our (Feder made) draft beer tower has selections from Kentucky, Texas & Louisiana, where men are men & women are always welcome. We have (Shisheboran) designed blackboards listing all our brown spirits by state with proof and price for a 2oz. pour.
We prefer you to shoot whiskey and not guns, & the occasional foul language will be much more tolerated between these walls than other fine establishments in Westchester County.
The movies played on our big screen are always questionable as far as ratings and viewer discretion. The sports will always be available as long as you ask nicely and promise not to be a rowdy or obnoxious fan. The music will always be a bit louder than you like & 100% classic rock will be played the majority of times. It’s safe to say here you will never hear Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber unless they do a duo with Axl Rose or Robert Plant.
Our service pledge in a nutshell…We will always do our best to give you a great experience and always appreciate the return gratitude. If you do have an unpleasant experience, please e-mail the owner directly at better@bunsnbourbon.com. Instead of further feeding the Yelp craze. If you don’t get a satisfactory response from him in a reasonable timeframe, then Yelp your heart out.
The bar will remain open after the kitchen as long as you are shooting Whiskey responsibly and tipping the bartenders for only good service. If you drink too much then let us call you a taxi or friend so you don’t spend the night in a cell…Or worse.