Our Historic Location

Dylan’s Wine Cellar is located in the historic Standard House along the Peekskill waterfront. Our location dates back to 1853 when a prominent Peekskill resident, Thomas Nelson sold the property the Standard House was built on in 1853 for $525 to another Peekskill resident, Issac Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds began construction of the Standard House likely between 1853 and 1858. During this time the Peekskill waterfront was hustle and bustling with lots of foundries, factories, salons, and hotels. The waterfront was a hub for transportation between the docks and train depot with the transportation of freight and passengers from New York and surrounding areas.

Early assessment documents listed the history of the Standard House has the following:

  • 1879 “Store”
  • 1881 to 1883 “Salon”
  • 1883 to 1890, the Standard House was sold numerous times.
  • April 1, 1890 John Galligan purchased the Standard House and the assessment records indicated the Standard House as a salon. An advertisement in the Annual Directory of Peekskill in 1900 read “Standard House” bar well stocked with the choicest liquors, wines, ales and cigars.
  • 1901-1911 “Hotel”.
  • November 17, 1911 the Standard House was sold to Patrick O’Neil Jr. who sold the building a short time after to A. Hupfels Sons Brewing Company. 
  • September 9, 1920 John J. Carbon bought the Standard House. Mr. Carbone operated, Carbones, a well-known Peekskill restaurant and bar. The Standard House stayed in the Carbone family as Carbones and the Central Grill from 1920 to 1997. Unfortunately, over the years, the Standard House was neglected and fell into disrepair. Sometime in the early 90’s there was a fire on the third floor and the building suffered fire and water damage. After the fire the building was boarded up and left to deteriorate.   
  •  December 17, 1998, the Standard House was given new life when Peekskill residents, Richard and Kathy Cerreta, purchased the building. Once purchased, the Cerreta’s paid the back taxes and all building violations and began work. Instead of building new, the Cerreta’s were very meticulous with restoring the building, refurbishing most of the original materials and architecture. In 18 short months, the Standard House was transformed from a building that was dilapidated to a pristine work of art. The Cerreta’s were at the forefront of the revitalization of Peekskill and they created a high “standard” of historic restoration of Peekskill’s architectural history.


  • The Standard House has been awarded New York State Register of Historic Places (4/4/00)
  • National Register of Historic Places (National Landmark Status) (9/22/00)
  • Peekskill’s first Local Historic Landmark (2/26/01).

The Cerreta’s have also been recognized with many awards for their preservation of the Standard House.

Today,the building is owned by the Zwick family, owners of Dylan’s Wine Cellar. They intend to preserve and continue the rich history of the Standard House by keeping the building original and in the family.