Acobia Bitter Vino


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Unit size: 750, Region: Piedmont, Varietal: , Country: Italy Vintage:
Acobia is an artisan, small batch, natural bitter, a comparison to Campari and Aperol. Key difference, Acobia is natural and produced by hand in small batches. If you love Negroni, Americanos and Spritz cocktails this bitter is a game changer. It’s even good on the rocks by itself. David Fletcher, founder and producer did lots of research into bitter production and he found most to be quite generic, mainly filtered town water, artificial flavors and colors. Not his style. So he went into lockdown mixing herbs and straight liquor and yielded the perfect recipe. He replaced filtered town water with quality organic base wine and this instantly gave it more length, depth and complexity. He then blended a selection of 13 herbs and fruits, and used natural color.   
Acobia Bitter is the result. 100% Natural. 100% Italian. Small batch Bitter.
So why Acobia? ‘Acobia’ is a word in Piemontese dialect that is used in the process of ‘pairing’ ingredients for the unique recipe. 
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