Bootlegger Gin


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Unit size: 750, Region: New York, Varietal: , Country: United States Vintage:

Inspired by classic London dry gins which use a traditional maceration process and a simple blend of botanicals. Bootlegger Gin follows a classic recipe of botanicals; juniper (of course), coriander, bitter orange peel, and orris root. Then they add lemon verbena leaf, a decidedly New World herb that really adds a nice, lemony, minty, and herbal something to the mix. They take a real “less-is-more” approach to this simple recipe, steeping those simple five botanicals for a full 24 hours in 120-proof corn Spirit to draw our the essential oils, then bottling the elixir at 94 proof.

A very smooth and refreshing Gin that’s  juniper forward with a balance of citrus, namely grapefruit and orange. Coriander spices it up with a clean and smooth finish.


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