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Cardamaro Vino Amaro


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Cardamaro is a longstanding product of what is today a 4th-generation winemaker in Canelli d’Asti. The primary flavors of Cardamaro are cardoon and blessed thistle, with a short repose in oak for spice and and texture. Drink as aperitif or digestif, outstanding with cider, or use in place of vermouth in many cocktails. Because of the subtle oak treatment, it is possible to use Cardamaro in place of bourbon or rye; combine with Dolin rouge for a lighter take on a Manhattan. Pair with saltier cheeses or charcuterie.

This is an Everyman amaro. After dinner is a wonderful way to enjoy this. It pairs excellently with funkier cheeses, like Epoisses, when most other amari fight them. Create a long drink with apple cider or ginger beer. In addition, the bitterness of cardoon works similarly to wormwood in mixing, so use Cardamaro as an amber vermouth, particularly with whiskey or apple brandy. Chill after opening—the bottle should be good for a couple of months.