Comb Blossom Honey Brandy


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  • Unit Size : 375
  • Unit Type : ml
  • Region : New York
  • Varital : N/A
  • Country : United States
  • Vintage : N/A


Blossom is Westchester’s first distillery, Still the One Distilleries tribute to the fine worlds of brandy. They start with fermented honey that we, and gently distill it twice, like they learned in Archaic, France. It is then carefully rested in selected oak barrels until it has a rich flavor and amber color.  After distillation they age the new brandy in charred American oak barrels. The wooden barrels allow for slight oxidation to occur, helping the brandy mature and mellow. The barrel also imparts the character of the wood and gives the brandy its deep rich color and warm flavors.