Edinburgh Gin


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Edinburgh Gin is a classic juniper forward gin back with wonderful citrus notes. Edinburgh Gin is batch distilled using two methods; a potstill and a column still. The stills are located in the brand new Edinburgh Gin distillery in the heart of the city. Partnering with the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, this distillery offers the head distiller and grad student a platform to recreate old Scottish Gin recipes; such as Edinburgh Gin. After the traditional botanicals are used, they add an additional Scottish juniper as well as heather and pine. Edinburgh Gin’s clean citrus notes and aromatic juniper makes it the perfect base for a gin and tonic or a Martini, not to mention many of the classic gin cocktail.

Distilled in a hand-beaten Scottish copper pot still using thirteen classic botanicals including juniper berries, citrus peel and coriander seed. Edinburgh Gin’s distinctively Scottish character comes from Scottish juniper, pine heather and milk thistle.