J. Charpentier Brut Champagne


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Unit size: 750, Region: Champagne, Varietal: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Country: France Vintage:
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The Champagne Tradition Brut by Jacky Charpentier represents very well its production area, located on the right bank of the Marne River. Here the Pinot Meunier with its fresh and fruity tones is king and the Charpentier Family, with its Brut Tradition wants to fully convey the versatility of this vine. The grapes of this Champagne are harvested manually, as required by the specification and fermentation takes place in steel containers, with the development of malolactic fermentation. After the assembly, the bottling and the refermentation are carried out according to the Champenoise method. The Pinot Meunier is assembled with a small percentage of Pinot Noir, which supports the structure and extends the olfactory range. Tradition Brut rests on the lees for 20 months, to then be poured out, dosed and marketed after a few months of stabilization. The Champagne Tradition Brut by Jacky Charpentier is an immediate, fragrant and soft wine, which fully transmits the identity of the area where it is produced.