Jack Rudy Old Fashioned Kit


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13.5 oz Bourbon Cherries

8 oz Demerara Syrup

1 oz Aromatic Bitters

Graduated Jigger

This kit is your gateway to a variety of cocktails, and best enjoyed with company

The Old Fashioned Kit includes an 8 oz. bottle of our Demerara Syrup, an 8 oz. jar of our Bourbon Cocktail Cherries, a 1 oz. bottle of our Aromatic Bitters, and a Graduated Jigger. These small batch products are packed in an elegant black gift box perfect for holiday gift giving, as a housewarming gift, or a bar starter set for home and professional bartenders alike.

Though the original Old Fashioned recipes we’ve found call for a sugar cube, we think you’ll find the flavor and ease of our Demerara Syrup hard to resist. Grab a bottle of your favorite bourbon, rye, or dark rum and a couple of oranges, and you’re all set for a (delicious) cocktail party.

Approximately 32 servings per kit