Sobieski Vodka (1.75L)


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The story of Sobieski Vodka itself is rather short but its roots are deep in the Polish heritage of vodka. The brand name is taken from King Jan III Sobieski, a 17th-century ruler who is regarded by some as “the last great King of Poland.” Sobieski has been distilled in Poland since 1864. It uses Dankowski rye from Poland’s Mazowse fields as the base. The vodka’s water is naturally filtered from Oligocene epoch springs. This base vodka has an aroma that is light and fruity, with no nauseating alcohol found in many of its price contemporaries. The taste is nice and smooth, clean, light, and virtually tasteless with the slightest hints of freshly harvested rye. It finishes with a semi-dry fruit in a very short burst that leaves the palate refreshingly clean. This is everything you expect from a good Polish vodka and is fantastic chilled.