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Soldeica Grape Pisco Comes From The Distillation Of Fresh Fermented Quebranta Grape Juice.  This Traditional Distinctive Product Has Been Produced In Peru Since Spanish Colonial Times.  No Other Pisco Compares With  Soldeica Peruvian Pisco, From The Birthplace Of All Pisco’s.


Pisco is a natural product originating from distilled fermented grape juice from selected grapes grown in the rich wine region of the Ica Valley located three hundred kilometres south of the capital city of Peru. The favorable conditions of the soil and the warm climate make the Ica Valley the perfect setting for the growth of a unique variety of grapes. Pisco is a city and an important port on the Peruvian coast located near the famous Nazca Lines. Pisco has given its name to Peru’s national drink, one of the highest quality liqueurs and symbol of the Peruvian tradition.

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