Tenmile Listening Rock Gin


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Unit size: 750, Region: New York, Varietal: , Country: United States Vintage:

Every batch of LISTENING ROCK gin has botanicals steeped in it. Tenmile Distillery makes their base spirit from grain grown in New York State. They also grow as many of our botanicals on their property. They separate and individually distill four of their botanicals just to have better control over their inclusion and representation in the gin. Finally, each batch receives its own portion of botanicals to steep overnight before being distilled the next day. They experimented with many different recipes before they settled on this fifth batch as their favorite!


This exquisite, locally handcrafted gin is brimming with character and flavor. Multilayered with hints of juniper, orange peel, lemon, lemon balm and mint (grown right at the distillery). This crisp, citrus-forward gin has quickly become the new go-to for knowledgeable gin drinkers while also converting many non-gin drinkers to the expression.