Nakanaka Honkaku Mugi Shochu


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Unit size: 720, Region: , Varietal: Barley, Country: Japan Vintage:
  • ABV: 25%
  • 100% Estate-Grown 2-Row Barley
  • Koji: Black
  • Water: Underground spring water from Osuzu Mountain streams
  • Distillation: Atmospheric (Joatsu)
  • Aging: 3-6 months in Kame (clay jars)

Tasting Notes: Mild aromas, notes of hay and roasted grain notes. The flavor evokes unsweetened dark chocolate with more toasty notes of roasted grain and a mild black pepper finish.

Suggested Serving: While excellent served with chilled water or on ice, to truly appreciate the complex aromas and flavors of Nakanaka we recommend to drink it oyuwari (cut with hot water) which unlocks a lot of the subtleties and allow the chocolate notes to linger on the tongue.